4 Harry Potter Short Stories That Should be Written Next

4 Harry Potter Short Stories That Should be Written Next

In a perfect storm of Harry Potter news and excitement, Tuesday Diagon Alley officially opened at Universal Studios AND J.K. Rowling released a new Harry Potter short story that details the older life of our favorite heroes.

If you haven’t read it, read it right now HERE!!!!

4 Harry Potter Short Stories That Should be Written Next

Yes, I’ll take more short stories, but what I’m really after is more books. MOAR, J.K, MOAR!!

But if all we’ll get are short stories, I’d like to humbly request the following topics:



1. Teddy Lupin Adventures

We learned from the short story that Teddy Lupin, who’s in the care of the Potters, has blue hair and snogs Victoire Weasley (Bill and Fleur’s daughter) all the time.



This tells me two things: 1. he is probably an animagus like Tonks and 2. he’s a playboy who probably gets up to all sorts of mischief.

And, I want to read about it!

2. A Day in the Life of Hermione, Head of the Department of Magical Enforcement

Hermione is one bad b. She single-handedly elevated the plight of the average house elf. She can certainly catch wrong-doers in the act!



I would love to be able to follow her around for a day and see what a great head of a department like her does and what crazy wizard business she has to tamp down. I remember Arthur Weasley talking about enchanted muggle toilets and stuff like that.


3. A Re-Gathering of Dumbledore’s Army at the Hog’s Head

Or in the Room of Requirement. I’m not picky!



But, yeah, there’s definitely needs to be a reunion where they’re just reminiscing about times not mentioned in the HP books and giving updates about life now. Especially Neville and Luna!

Also, wasn’t it the best when Rita Skeeter was like “Oh, Luna’s sons are at home. Probably too addled to be in normal society!” That seriously made me LOL.

4. Flashbacks from Different Perspectives

I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE a Divergent/Four-style look back at certain events and conversations from Hermione and Ron and Malfoy and Dumbledore’s perspectives. I mean anyone will do, really.



I just want it. J.K., can’t you throw your fans a bone. It’s been 3 years (wow!) since the final movie was released, giving fans absolutely nothing to look forward to anymore. Can’t you cut all us still-obsessed fans some slack!

What Harry Potter short story would you love to see written next?