Best and Worst Things About Reading the Last Book in a Series

Best and Worst Things About Reading the Last Book in a Series

Posted by: Lisa Parkin March 21, 2013 9 Comments

Finishing the final book in a series is a sad, sad day. But, it HAS to happen. Even our beloved Harry Potter series came to an end.

I’ve completed three book series recently, and I’m compelled to share with you my observations and my woes.

The Best and Worst Things About Reading the Last Book in a Series

With so much anticipation and build-up for the VERY LAST book in a series, there’s a lot of pressure to deliver. How is the author going to wrap up all the drama AND somehow top off their already high-adventure series??

The Best Book in a Series


When everything comes together like you thought or even better than you thought, it’s a happy, happy day. You finally know who was behind all those nefarious deeds and, hopefully, you have confidence in whatever situation your fave characters are in when the book ends.

Some notorious books that DIDN’T have this closure: Lauren Oliver’s Requiem. This book is top of mind because I finished it last week. WHAT THE HECK, OLIVER?! I don’t want to spoil this book for anyone, but if you’re looking for a nice clear-cut ending in Requiem, stop expecting that to happen now.

Love Triangles Resolved:

So-and-so finally picked Team So-and-so. You may be screaming, “I KNEW IT! YES” or crying into your doctored coffee. I have been right a good number of times, but I’ve been SO SO wrong before.

The best love triangle tie-up was in Spy Glass by Maria V. Snyder. I was SHOCKED at what ended up happening. Although it was an unusual move, it was really interesting to see an author go someplace different and unusual.

Fave Series Enders:

These books had fantastic endings that I wanted to read over and over again:

  • Black Heart by Holly Black – It was beautiful and exciting. This series is one of my all-time faves.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – I know this book is a no-brainer, but it really is so EPIC. Rowling could not have done a better job finishing up this amazing series.
  • Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore- This book hit some harder topics that the previous books, but it dealt with the fallout and consequences of its characters.

The Worst Book in a Series

No Closure or Love Triangle Resolution:

So, reading a whole series is an investment in time. The typical book series is about three books long. At roughly 300 pages a book, that’s 900 pages and hours of hours of time spent reading.

If the last book in a series is a disappointment, I personally feel cheated. What did I waste all that time for? An ending where I don’t know what happens next and the characters STILL haven’t sorted out their feelings for each other? UGH.

There are some RARE cases where I enjoy the mystery and the known. But mostly, I just want a solid finish where I have some answers.

No-So-Fave Series Enders

I was disappointed with how these series closed:

  • The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray – I hated the ending. It made no sense to me, and I remember being upset.
  • Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins – I loved this series overall, but man, Mockingjay is a rough, rough book. It’s so violent, and although the ending provides closure and an answer to the love triangle it isn’t all puppies and roses.
  • Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer – You know exactly what I’m thinking (if not, ask and I’ll tell you).

Series I Never Finished

I’m not proud of this, but there were some series that lost me halfway through. And, I just didn’t have the energy or desire to finish them out.

  • Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery – This may shock you because I always talk about how I love these books! I always make it to the 5th book (after Anne and Gilbert get married), then I punk out.
  • Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini – After getting psyched out by Paolini with his surprise 4th book, my interest faded.
  • Matched by Ally Condie – I couldn’t get through Reached. The beginning is so slow. Fortunately, my mom finished the books, so I got to find out how it all ended anyway! I cheated, and I have no remorse. :D

Sharing time! What final series enders are your favorite of all time?? Or which final book in a series did you hate or couldn’t finish??