Best Types of Gifts for Book Lovers 2015

Best Types of Gifts for Book Lovers 2015

Posted by: Lisa Parkin November 23, 2015 3 Comments

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to ask that timeless question: “What gifts should I buy for the book lover in my life?” (If you aren’t asking this question, I think you need better friends.)

Here I’m going to lay out different TYPES of items readers will love to receive this Christmas. This way, you can find great shops that carry these items instead of just one or two gift suggestions.

Best Types of Gifts for Book Lovers 2015




There are so many cute Etsy shop that specialize in literary jewelry! My advice is to utilize the search bar for book specific terms like “Harry Potter earrings,” “Jane Austen bracelet,” etc.

Jewelry is an especially great bookish gift because they usually become conversation pieces for fellow bookworms!


Shown above from: Designs By Annette

Other places to look for book inspired jewelry:

  • JezebelCharms
  • Literary Emporium
  • Fragile Elite Design


Every book lover needs more bookmarks! This is an easy and practical gift. You can keep it simple or make it funky!


Shown above from: MyBookmark

Other places to look for book handmade bookmarks:

  • Mitercraft
  • CraftedVan
  • Duncan Shotton Sticky Page Markers


Like jewelry, book nerds like to wear their literary love on their sleeves…literally.


Shown above from: LookHuman

Other places to find funky literary designs:

  • Out of Print
  • Litograph
  • Black Milk Clothing


Listen, books are heavy. Bookworms need some way to carry all those books from the library or bookstore home. Here you are: the perfect gift!


Shown above from: Raspberry Finch

Other places to discover the best bookish totes:

  • The Bookworm Boutique
  • Risa Rodil’s RedBubble Shop
  • EvieoSeo RedBubble Shop

Bookish Decor

You would be surprised but there are book inspired pillows, candles, wall art and, of course, bookshelves. If you love it, there is a product for it!


Shown above from: Lumio Book Lamp

Other shops to find house stuff for book lovers:

  • FrostBeard Studio
  • GoneReading
  • The Literary Gift Company

Other Practical Items

Whether it’s a mug, an e-reader or an e-reader case, buying super useful bookish gifts is always a good idea.


Shown above from: LookHuman

  • KleverCase
  • Obvious State
  • Amazon Devices

Book Subscription Box

Why not send a gift that keeps on giving?! Book subscription boxes are a great way to surprise the book lover in your life with books and goodies for months at a time!

And wouldn’t you know, I happen to run the best YA book subscription out there – Uppercase Box!


Gift Uppercase box here:

For my book lovers reading, what gifts do YOU want this Christmas?