Book Nerdspiration: Matilda Wormwood

Book Nerdspiration: Matilda Wormwood

Book Nerdspiration is an original Read.Breathe.Relax. feature that honors the biggest book nerds of all time. They may be fictional or famous, but they all must be well-read. These are the people who inspire us to read more, read well, and let out our inner book nerd.

This Week’s Pick: Matilda Wormwood of Matilda by Roald Dahl


Caught Reading: The canon – Moby Dick, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice and The Sound and the Fury

Favorite Genre and/or Book: Classics! She digs into the biggies like Dickens, Hemingway and Hardy

Most Likely to Talk About: Her scary principal, Trunchbull, and her fave teacher Miss Honey

Her Book Crush : I hope Matilda would be too innocent to have crushes yet, but maybe she’d have the good sense to love Mr. Darcy

Her Tweets Would Probably Look Like This: #AmReading …too many books to count. If only I could reach the next Austen book. Oh, never mind, I got ;) #telekinesisFTW

Why She Inspires Us: Matilda taught herself how to read. MAJOR KUDUS, amirite?!? She never let her mean parents and horrifying principal get in the way of her knowledge. She never walks herself to the local library to devour every book she can get her hands on. That kind of determination for knowledge and books is admirable. Plus, she’s got powers…and I wouldn’t want to make her mad.

Are We Book Soulmates? Even though I haven’t read as many classics as Matilda, I definitely think we’d be in-real-life friends. I could tell her about Divergent and she could tell me more about John Steinbeck.

Who do you think should be featured next?