Discuss: Are You a Mood Reader?

Discuss: Are You a Mood Reader?

Posted by: Lisa Parkin April 25, 2014 11 Comments

I’m TOTALLY guilty of mood reading. The question is….ARE YOU?!

Discuss: Are You Mood Reader?


In case you weren’t sure what a mood reader is, I’ll define it for you:

Mood reader (n): One who chooses and reads a book according to their current state of mind. For example: A mood reader will forgo the next book in their TBR because they’re more in the mood to read something with romance or fantasy or falls into a specific genre (chick lit, historical fiction).

So, are you a mood reader?? Just occasionally? Is there a particular type of book you’re always in the mood to read?

I would say I’m 50/50 type mood reader. Sometimes, I just can’t read the next book on my list. Because I review almost all of the book I read on the blog, I often feel pressure to get to read every ARC I receive. The reality is, if I did that, I’d probably hate that next book.

I just can’t force myself to read books. It has to be 100 percent my decision and not my list’s. There are always exceptions, but I try to balance reviewing books in a timely fashion and also choosing something totally for myself.

I’m ALWYAS, ALWYAS, ALWAYS in the mood for a book with a great romance. And fantasy/sci-fi, obviously.

Are you guilty??