Discuss: J.K.’s Harry Potter Romance Bombshell

Discuss: J.K.’s Harry Potter Romance Bombshell

Posted by: Lisa Parkin February 5, 2014 14 Comments

As you may have heard, J.K. Rowling admitted in a recent interview that in all reality, Harry and Hermione would have made a better couple than Ron and Hermione.


I process SHOCKING NEWS best when discussing it with like-minded people. So please, help a girl out, and tell me: Do you agree or disagree and why?!

Discuss: J.K.’s Harry Potter Romance Bombshell

(I always thought this scene was odd….)

Initial Thoughts

My first reaction to the news was clearly shock. But, not for the reasons you may think.

The first thought I had was, “Wait, how can J.K. say that about her own work??” There is a sense as a reader that what you’re experiencing is exactly what the author intended it to be. To hear that she simply was in a particular “mood” that affected a huge plot point in the series is unsettling.

How many authors out there feel the same way about their work?!

Then, of course, the reality set in. Harry and Hermione? Really?? WAIT. (See above photo). *Cogs start to churn*

Ok, I see it. Honestly, as a reader, the thought had crossed my mind. But, the whole he’s-so-dense-and-emotionally-shallow thing sort of worked between her and Ron. But here’s the problem now, J.K. has PLANTED this idea in our heads now.

So, have fun re-reading the books. Cuz when I do in the future, I know this will be lodged in my brain, unable to be removed.

It’s just unfortunate that this epic series that has affected so many of our childhoods and reading lives can have this much of an impact (or is it just me?) on us even now. So much to think about…

What do you think about this bombshell? Will it change how you think about the series?