Let’s Discuss: How Have You Changed As A Reader?

Let’s Discuss: How Have You Changed As A Reader?

Posted by: Lisa Parkin February 25, 2015 6 Comments

As in everything, as readers we grow and change. How are you a different reader than you were a year (or more) ago?

Let’s Discuss: How Have You Changed As A Reader?

After reading books for a lifetime, you begin to change tastes and preferences. I look back at things I said on the blog in 2012 and laugh. Oh, young Lisa, how silly and crazy you were. (Wait…not much has changed. Whoops).


So I ask you: How have you changed as a reader?

-What books have you read that you NEVER would have before?
-Have you fallen in love with new authors and genres?
-What things have you gotten tired/bored of?
-Have you re-read books and fallen in love all over again? Or were you shocked you ever liked it?

My biggest new-found love – as you may have gathered from my reviews – is contemporary books. I wasn’t a huge reader of real life stories before now, but WOW books like Eleanor and Park and Since You’ve Been Gone and The Hundred Oaks series have completely changed my mind.

I would also say my tastes are more refined. Translation = I’m pickier. If you’ve read the same storyline two or three times, when it pops up again, it’s easier to pick it out and identify the pattern.

What I LOVE about reading is that it’s new every day, every month, every year. I’m constantly delighted with new book discoveries and debut authors.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts – Tell me in the comments!