Let’s Discuss: When Do You Call It Quits/DNF a Book?

Let’s Discuss: When Do You Call It Quits/DNF a Book?

Posted by: Lisa Parkin April 2, 2015 10 Comments

There are many schools of thought on how and why we stop reading books. Some people are like IN IT when they start a book and refuse to quit and some people have a set page number they read till before they call it quits.

So…let’s discuss!

Let’s Discuss: When Do You Call It Quits/DNF a Book?

When this happens…


…how do you respond?

It’s my general observation that people fall into two main categories: “In it For the Long Haul” OR “Ready to Move On.”

I think there are several factors that go into deciding to keep reading or peacing out instead. Thoughts like “Ugh I paid $12 for this, I guess I better give it a shot,” or “Life is too short to read this terrbile book.”

I typically fall into the first category – I’m a Long-Hauler. It’s really only for one reason, which is this: “What if it suddenly gets better?” and/or “I have to know how it ends at least.”

So, I’ll either read halfway and skim till the end or just trudge through. There are only two books I’ve DNF’d and written about here: The Dark Kiss and Seeker.

Do you have a page number (or percent for eReaders) that you try to reach if you’re not feeling a book? Or do you feel like you can quit anytime?

I’m 100 percent a mood reader, so sometimes I’ll start a book gung-ho, and if things slow down, my interest is completely sapped. It’s honestly terrible because I want to finish but feel sluggish and bored.

As a book reviewer, I’m sure you can see how this is a PROBLEM. But, I try to communicate that in my reviews – whether I knew it was a personal thing or not.

So, you HAVE to tell me! Do you DNF books? Why, when and how??