Moby Dick Whale Jewelry – A Novel Accessory

Moby Dick Whale Jewelry – A Novel Accessory

Posted by: Lisa Parkin May 27, 2013 1 Comment

A Novel Accessory is a long-abandoned RBR original feature that I need to bring back – starting with this Moby Dick post.

Enjoy my funky book-related finds on the lovely Etsy!

Moby Dick Whale Jewelry & Accessories

“A Novel Accessory” is an original RBR feature that highlights book-related jewelry, clothing and other accessories. It’s my way of combining two loves- books and Etsy! WARNING! This post may induce a shopping frenzy. Please place all credit cards away from your person at this time.

(For more posts like this one, the Features page has a full listing of all the “A Novel Accessory” posts on the blog.)

Moby Dick Whale Jewelry

Turquoise Whale Necklace- $30

Baby Whale Earrings- $50

Carved Bone Whale Tail Necklace- $15

Whale Pendant- $37.85

Whale Hook Ring- $50

Moby Dick Art

White Whale Art- $85

Moby Dick Screenprint- $30

Vintage Book Page Prints- $21

Moby Dick Retro Print- $18.66

White Whale Welcome Sign- $49.99

Moby Dick Purses & Book Stuff

Moby Dick Clutch- $16

Book Bag Quote- $19.99

Moby Dick Book Handbag- $175

Moby Dick Folio Case- $45

Moby Dick Bookends- $59.99

Moby Dick 1976 Copy- $42

Moby Dick Odds & Ends

Moby Dick Flask- $19.95

Moby Dick T-shirt- $20

Moby Dick iPhone case- $11

Call Me Ishmael iPhone Case- $15

Burlap Pillow- $36

Whale Tale Pillow Case- $25

Have you read Moby Dick, and do you like whales!?