Movie Review: Snow White and The Huntsman

Movie Review: Snow White and The Huntsman

I wanted to see Snow White and The Huntsman ever since I saw previews for it in The Hunger Games premiere. Seeing Charlize Theron wreacking havoc on the world, especially Kristen Stewart…I mean Snow White…really appealed to me.

I finally saw it this weekend with the hubs, and thought it was both good and bad at the same time.

Movie Review Snow White and The Huntsman


  • Kristen Stewart: Snow White, with guest appearances by Bella Swan’s facial expressions
  • Charlize Theron: Ravenna, the fierce evil queen
  • Chris Hemsworth: Hunstman, who is far too old to be Snow White’s love interest
  • Sam Claflin: William, Snow White’s childhood friend and resident cutie


As a Snow White retelling, you probably already know the basic plot of the movie. Snow White is trapped by the evil queen, Ravenna, after Ravenna kills her dad on their wedding night. Charlize doesn’t mess around (literally).

Moving on to parts of the movie you DON’T already know…The writers of this movie definitely didn’t follow the classic Snow White tale – they of course embellished it with a mixed up chronology and added in more background to Ravenna’s (the most attractive person in the movie) story.

I both liked and disliked this messing around with the classic children’s tale. But, when you add in all the special effects, it really made for a stunning film.


There’s a quasi-love triangle for about 5 seconds in the movie, which is dispelled quickly. Sadly, the relationship that survives is disappointing in its watered down, inconsistent state. *Sigh.*


  • K. Stew: -2. She didn’t even have that many lines! She mostly just looked peaceful and in one instance, rallyed the troops.
  • Charlize Theron: 10. Any scene where she’s yelling is fantastic. Haha!
  • Chris Hemsworth: 6. Not as good as Thor or The Avengers.
  • Sam Claflin: 7. A good performance even though he got like 5 minutes of screen time.

Snow White and The Huntsman Overall:

I loved the special effects and the new take on one of my favorite fairy tales. I didn’t like the awkward performance by Kristen Stewart and the lame romance that is supposed to be key to this story.

If only Snow White had done a little bit more of this in the movie…


Just…stay asleep, ok?