Netflix of Entertainment | The Bookish Download: Playster Review

Netflix of Entertainment | The Bookish Download: Playster Review

Playster is the latest digital subscription service, and I’ve reported back my findings after checking out a free trial!

The Bookish Download: Playster Review



Playster Review: The Netflix of Movies, Games, Music & Books

Note: I received a free trial and compensation for this review.



How It Works

Playster is a site similar to Scribd and Oyster.

What sets it apart from its competitors, however, is that Playster also offers access to books, games, movies and music.

Users may sign up for a one-month free trial, and the cost is $15.99 month afterward for unlimited access to Playter’s media.

Playster is in beta, and their mobile app is scheduled to launch June of this year.

My Thoughts

I’ll be focusing on the Books section of the web app, and of course specifically YA books.

First, I liked the layout of the site. It’s similar to Netflix in that there are rows of books, music, etc. that you can scroll through horizontally and add ones that strike your fancy to “My Library.”

For me, functionality is a huge part of searching sites with a lot of choices.

In the Books section, there are your typical genres of Fiction, Mystery, Romance, etc., as well as Juvenile & Young Adult. I appreciated their additional categories of “Most Popular” and “New Releases.” Always helpful in a search.

Now for their YA book selection…