Top Literary Sites to Visit on my Bucket List

Top Literary Sites to Visit on my Bucket List

I love to travel, and it seems like everywhere you go there’s cool literary sites where authors lived or got coffee or actually wrote. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a few, but there’s so many more I want to see.

These are at the very top of my bucket list to see with my own eyes one day.

Top Literary Sites to Visit on my Bucket List

Hobbiton – New Zealand

Hobbiton is a private farmland in New Zealand that has a completely rebuilt set of The Lord of the Rings films.




This area is mostly The Shire filming sets, but wow – they are stunning. I’d also love to visit the rest of the film locations throughout New Zealand, but Hobbiton is a FANTASTIC start.

Jane Austen’s House – Hampshire, England

When I went to England last year, I was fortunate enough to see the former residence of Jane Austen in Bath (she lived there for 6 years).

But, I’d also love to visit her home in Hampshire, where she spent the last eight years of her life.

I love learning anything I can about her – she’s quite the mystery.

Prince Edward Island – Canada

YOU GUYS!! I’m all about Anne of Green Gables and Avonlea, and I know they don’t actually exist, but Prince Edward Island, the setting for all of Anne’s adventures, does!

Let me run through those fields and pretend my only concerns in the world are whether or not Matthew got me a dress with puff sleeves…

Harry Potter Studio Tour – London, England

It nearly killed me to skip this tour last year during my visit. But, Tim isn’t a Harry Potter fan (I KNOW, how are we married?!?!) and it was going to take up way too much of our short visit in London.

But, if we ever go back, it will be the first on my list.

I know it isn’t an actual “site” per se, but I freakin’ love the books and movies so much, I’d go anywhere and do anything to get more HP in my life.

Anne Frank Museum – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Confession – I always thought it would be cool to see this museum, but after The Fault in Our Stars movie, where you actually get to see inside it, I bumped it up on my list.

How cool is it that they replicated the bookcase and the attic where Anne and her family hid?

Plus Amsterdam and The Nerthlands would be an amazing place to explore.

What literary sites are on your must-see list?