Top Ten Book Cover Trends I Like

Top Ten Book Cover Trends I Like

I’m not typically too picky about YA book covers, but the covers I’ve listed below have really stood out and deserve some recognition.

Top Ten Book Cover Trends I Like

1. Strong Typography – I love it when the book title takes over the cover. It adds a different flavor to the image. I love what was done in Love Letters to the Dead, but I also like when it’s just some interesting typography that dominates the front.



2. Action Shot– Oh my. The cover of Mortal Heart is just fantastic. I love it when a character on the cover is actually in motion, doing something the real character would actually be doing. I enjoy this much, MUCH more than a girl in a pretty dress just staring at you.



3. Atmospheric– Everything about the Ruin and Rising cover screams Russian influence. The turrets and the font. I adore it all. When a cover actually conveys the area or inspiration behind the story, the cover has accomplished something magical.



4. Symbolic– This cover is just perfect for the book. The chakram (a la Xena, the Warrior Princess) is actually used in the story, and is a great symbol, as it represents a weapon and sort of looks like a Ying/Yang too.



5. Maps– Ya’ll, maps are totally a book cover thing now. I especially love this one because it’s artistically drawn and whimsical.



6. Artsy– I love how this cover looks like paint splotches. Books that aim for that actually painted/illustrated feel are totally my thing. They feel more emotional somehow, I think.



7. Abstract– I like subtle ideas, and Talon is a great example of showing the book is about dragons without having a dragon actually on the cover. Plus, I love the perceived texture of the scales.



8. Full Cover Images– Following the cover theme from These Broken Stars, this novel offers a super huge, striking image that will hopefully draw in readers. They had me at TBS sequel.



9. Drawn– There are more illustrated covers on middle and elementary grade books, so I love seeing them in YA too. This series took a different turn, as the first book had a real model on the cover, but I like this different route they’re taking too.



10. Romantic– Oh, this cover. It’s so romantic and dreamy. I love covers that tell you right away, “this is a kissing book.” Love!



What are your favorite YA book covers?